We, the family and friends of innocent police officers and civilians who have been maliciously prosecuted and imprisioned by Jeanine Pirro, believe it is our moral obligation and responsibility to keep her from doing to the justice system and the Courts of New York State what she has done in Westchester County, New York. WE ARE DETERMINED TO STOPIRRO!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Media Queen Hot Under The Collar

Pirro made a statement today saying she is appalled this information was leaked to the media.

Is this the same individual who leaked, private information to the media in the Cordero case; did she worry about the victim? NOT.

Is this the same individual that prosecuted her cases in the media so the defendants could never recieve a fair trial in Westchester County, because they were already tainted?

Is this the same individual who tried to hide the fact, from the media, her daughter attended the party were Vascome was left to die.

The Media Queen Jeanine Ferris-Pirro has always used the media to HER advantage--the same media that the regime has controlled for so many years, she dares to be appalled with, what an irony.

If people have not woken up to her antics by now they must be in a coma.

Pirro usually fixes things with cosmetic surgery--no patch up for this one.


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