We, the family and friends of innocent police officers and civilians who have been maliciously prosecuted and imprisioned by Jeanine Pirro, believe it is our moral obligation and responsibility to keep her from doing to the justice system and the Courts of New York State what she has done in Westchester County, New York. WE ARE DETERMINED TO STOPIRRO!!!!!!!

Monday, March 20, 2006



Today marks the tenth anniversary of the tragic events which claimed the life of Eastchester Police Office Michael Frey. A memorial service has been held in Officer Frey’s honor every year on, this date, at Immaculate Conception Church in Tuckahoe where he served as an alter boy some thirty years ago.

Officer Frey was just 29 years old on March 21, 1996 when he was shot and killed responding to a call from the shooter Richard Sacchi, 26, a resident of Morgan Street, who also killed his grandmother and his dog, and wounded Police Officer Richard Morrisey, before ultimately turning the gun on himself.

Law enforcement personnel throughout Westchester have long criticized the ‘grandstanding’ of now former DA Jeanine Pirro, who seized the opportunity during the hours long stand-off, which followed the sniping murder of Officer Frey, declaring on live television at the scene that she intended to seek the Death Penalty. Pirro gave no thought to how such an announcement might influence a desperate individual, holding off police, and aware of the fact that he had nothing left to loose, if he went out in a blaze of gunfire.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Jeanine Pirro Unscripted.....

Geography must be on page10

Jeanine Pirro does not know:

WHO she is

WHAT to do

WHEN to keep her mouth shut

WHERE she is ??

WHY she should run for cover

HOW can she cover-up any longer


Sunday, March 12, 2006


Angela Montefinise’s piece in THE NEW YORK POST on Sunday, March 5, 2006 regarding Kerry Bartow, brings nothing of value to the discussion of Depraved Indifference Murder. The article, clearly intended to raise public ire over the fact that a man, apparently responsible for the violent death of his wife at the hands of his girlfriend’s brother, not only has had his conviction overturned but also, now seeks to get her money. It happens that the crime with which he was mischarged, and convicted, was Depraved Indifference Murder. However, his conviction was not thrown out because of “a new interpretation,” as Montefinise asserted.

For some 39 years since the introduction of the Depraved Mind Murder Statute to the New York State Penal Code in 1967, prosecutors throughout the state in homicide prosecutions, either unable, or unwilling to produce sufficient evidence to convince a jury that a defendant was, in fact, guilty of Intentional Second Degree Murder, had used the very limited Depraved Indifference Murder Statute as a kind of ‘backstop’ or ‘safety-net’ to ensure a “conviction by compromise.” It became the Prosecutor’s gimmick, a wide-spread form of prosecutorial misconduct by which an accused could be convicted of a crime for which no evidence was presented, as Federal District Judge Charles Brieant has found, a violation of Constitutional proportions.

To be sure, some District Attorneys abused the statute more than others. For prosecutors such as Jeanine Pirro inclusion of the Depraved Alternative, in prosecutions for Intentional Murder became almost automatic, to the point where the notion of depravity, as intended by the Legislature, was completely distorted and made applicable to every fact pattern. Stubborn, “and above the law” as she perceives herself, Pirro continued the practice for many months following both the GONZALEZ and PAYNE decisions, until taken to task in the press.

Reporter Montefinise speaks of “11 convicted murderers who have been set free or had sentences reduced in the PEOPLE v PAYNE fallout.” She quotes City Councilman Peter Vallone Jr. who refers to those cases as “the tip of a deadly iceberg” and who is calling upon the State Legislature for a clarification of Depraved Indifference Murder. Unfortunately, both Montefinise and Vellone fail to understand that the Court of Appeals has already preformed that function, as indeed they should have more than 30 years ago when it was first becoming apparent that prosecutors were abusing and distorting the Legislature’s intent. Put quite simply the notion of depravity is clearly wedded to the indifference of the perpetrator as to whether or not someone might die as the result of his action, as well as to just who that victim might be. Such a mind-set runs completely opposite to the “mens rea” (state of mind) necessary for conviction of Intentional Murder.

If the high court is to be faulted for anything it is for allowing four decades of such prosecutorial antics to result in literally hundreds of wrongful; and unconstitutional convictions and imprisonments, many of them involving innocent individuals such as Police Officer Richard D. DiGuglielmo who not only was acquitted of Intentional Murder, but also, of any form of Assault as well, for having saved his father’s life from a bat wielding assailant, and who is in his 10th year of a 20 Year to Life sentence for Depraved Indifference Murder.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Mrs. Pirro is all washed up politically. She couldn’t get elected dog catcher "if her life depended on it." – And, it very well might.

There is an old bromide which states “A man's evil deeds will find him out.” Mrs. Pirro is beginning to discover the same applies to woman.

She is aware that the rank and file of the New York City Police Department has never stopped despising her for what she did to their brother officer Richard D. DiGuglielmo. She knows that they are waiting for any and every opportunity to demonstrate their outrage for her cruel prosecution of one of their own, by perjured testimony and altered evidence, and one whole year of trial in the press.

As tough as the demonstration at the book signings were, she knows what’s coming now will be far worse, and, what’s more, those who might have contributed to her campaign know it too. That's why she is not raising serious money.

She is ducking and dodging. But, she can’t run a campaign hiding from the unavoidable truth, or from the men and women who know Richard D. DiGuglielmo as a brother Police Officer, an innocent man who was railroaded into prison for 20 YEARS TO LIFE for saving his father’s life.