We, the family and friends of innocent police officers and civilians who have been maliciously prosecuted and imprisioned by Jeanine Pirro, believe it is our moral obligation and responsibility to keep her from doing to the justice system and the Courts of New York State what she has done in Westchester County, New York. WE ARE DETERMINED TO STOPIRRO!!!!!!!

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One day almost ten years ago, a tragic series of events took place in Dobbs Ferry, New York, that would end one person's life, ruin another man's life, traumatize two families and shake up a community. There is a well-known version of these events essentially authored—"spun" if you prefer—by Westchester County District Attorney Jeanine Pirro. Not surprisingly, since reporters rely on the DA for so much of their information, Pirro's version of the story was the one portrayed for the most part in the media. An objective review of the facts, based on police reports, court documents and transcripts, tells a more accurate, truer story. We invite you to make up your own mind, among other ways by imagining that you were Richard D. DiGuglielmo Jr.—"Richie"—an off-duty 11-year veteran of the New York City police department working at his family's deli in Dobbs Ferry, New York, on October 3, 1996. October 3, 1996At approximately 5:15 p.m., Charles Campbell left his Corvette in the parking lot of the DiGuglielmo's Venice Deli. With just eight parking spaces to be shared by three businesses, there were "Parking for Patrons Only" signs posted. As Mr. Campbell began walking across the street to a pizza parlor, Richard DiGuglielmo Sr., Richie's father, let him know that he had to move his vehicle. Mr. DiGuglielmo made a second request, but Mr. Campbell did not reply and continued on and into the pizza parlor. In accordance with a procedure approved by the Dobbs Ferry Police Department, Mr. DiGuglielmo then affixed a sticker to the window of Mr. Campbell's vehicle. Inside the pizza parlor, told of the parking procedure, Mr. Campbell said, "if he puts a sticker on my car, I'll kick his ass." Then, seeing the sticker being put on his car window, Mr. Campbell ran out of the store and across the street. Richie, who had come outside to see what was going on, instinctively stepped between Mr. Campbell and his father, whereupon Mr. Campbell, in a fury, began punching Richie repeatedly in the face. Richie's father and brother-in-law then entered the fray, which witnesses described as looking like a "wrestling match." After much struggle, Mr. Campbell said, "that's it" and started to walk away. Believing the incident to be over and that Mr. Campbell would drive away, Richie went back inside the deli to tend to his wounds. But Mr. Campbell went only as far as the trunk of his car, and removed a metal baseball bat. Mr. Campbell, an amateur boxer in his thirties, swung the bat with "full force swings," according to an eyewitness, with the first blow landing on the knee of Mr. DiGuglielmo, who was 54 years old and recovering from a heart attack. Then, as Mr. DiGuglielmo protected his head with his arms, Mr. Campbell landed another mighty swing, fracturing Mr. DiGuglielmo's hand as it protected his head. Mr. DiGuglielmo was hit so hard that an eyewitness stated, "you could hear the smack a block away." Another eyewitness exclaimed, "I was expecting to see Richie's head pop off. I was, like, 'Oh my God.'"Inside the deli, Richie looked out the window and saw Mr. Campbell swing the bat at his father, who was two or three feet away from Mr. Campbell. Fearing the next swing would kill his father, Richie grabbed the registered firearm kept beneath the counter, ran outside with the gun at his side, with the safety on, hoping he wouldn't have to use it. When he got outside the Deli, he saw his brother-in-law lying face down on the ground, not moving, and thought he was dead, and Mr. Campbell hitting his father with the bat. Reacting in accordance with his police academy training, Richie fired "three shots to center mass" at Mr. Campbell, then paused to "reassess the threat." But it was over. Mr. Campbell had fallen to the ground, and he died at the scene.Immediately following the incident, Richie contacted his Command at the New York Police Department in compliance with standard procedure, which brought an investigative team to Dobbs Ferry. However, upon arriving at the Dobbs Ferry Police Department, the team was denied access to Richie (and even denied access to a room with a telephone). Still, the investigators from the city reviewed the facts and were overheard by two people-including a firefighter standing nearby-reporting the incident as a "clean shoot," that is, in police parlance, a justifiable homicide.Nevertheless, within hours of the incident, Richie, his father and brother-in-law were charged with Second Degree Assault and, hours after that, Richie was charged with murder. Trial and MediaAlthough Charles Campbell was black, and Richie and his family are white, the chief of police said the incident was not classified as a bias crime because no witnesses had heard any racial epithets during the extended confrontation that preceded the shooting. Richie had walked a beat in the Bronx for a decade with no racial incidents and had many black friends and colleagues on the force, including his own sergeant. The DiGuglielmo family were known to welcome friends and customers of any ethnic background into their home and deli. Thus, media coverage appeared fairly short-lived, on par with other, similar, unfortunate incidents. This all changed five days after the incident, when DA Pirro held a televised news conference to announce that she was charging Richie with a "bias crime" based, she said, on a witness who was prepared to testify to having heard racial slurs during the confrontation. People who knew Richie were confounded. "There's got to be more to it than this," said an NYC transit officer who knew Richie. "He'd never lose his cool and do something stupid."Not long after DA Pirro's press conference, the Rev. Al Sharpton arrived in town and would be a regular presence, leading demonstrations outside the family's deli in the year leading up to the trial, and then in the courtroom. Despite all that, the record shows that once the 33-day trial began, out of a dozen witnesses, Ms. Pirro failed to produce one who claimed to have heard racial slurs. But that didn't stop her from walking into the courtroom during the trial and sitting next to Sharpton and Campbell family attorney Randolph Scott McLaughlin and holding his hand in full view of the jury. Of the witnesses that did exist, some key ones that were supportive of the defense unexpectedly changed their stories. For example, an eyewitness named Michael Dillon, a cable TV lineman, told reporters just after the incident that he thought Richie was justified and acted in self-defense. "You see your father getting beaten with a bat, you got to do something about it. So it's self-defense from what I saw," he said in an interview. However, a year later, when asked in court whether he thought Richie had acted in self-defense, he answered, "After thinking about it, no." According to defense lawyers, who had originally listed Dillon as one of their witnesses, Dillon only changed his story after police showed up at his job and told him his story conflicted with that of his supervisor, who had also witnessed the incident. Dillon said police interviewed him five days after the shooting, the day before DA Pirro publicly made her racial bias charge. The Verdict After three days of deliberations, the jury acquitted Richie of Intentional Murder and acquitted him of Assault. But it convicted him of Second Degree Murder by "Depraved Indifference" and Richie received a sentence of twenty years to life. All three defendants were acquitted of the assault charges. How did Richie get convicted of Murder by Depraved Indifference? It's easy enough to understand the notion of depraved indifference as it's applied to an innocent bystander, say, caught in a crossfire. But Richie's police training ("three shots to center mass") is designed to avoid that very possibility. What doesn't make sense is that Richie was charged and convicted of acting with depraved indifference in regard to Mr. Campbell's life. Nobody is saying Richie didn't use force that anyone knows is clearly potentially deadly. His intention was certainly to "harm" Mr. Campbell, to the extent that "harm" in this case means to "stop the imminent threat" of Richie's father's death from the blow of a baseball bat to the skull. Since Richie's conviction, several appeals courts have reversed cases based on similar scenarios, having concluded that the DAs cast their net too wide in charging both Intentional and Depraved Indifference Murder and judges had misinterpreted and misapplied the law regarding depraved indifference. Richie's lawyers are now working on an appeal based on these precedents. Has Justice Been Served?What happened on October 3, 1996 was a tragedy, the culmination of a series of escalating events. Despite the verdict, the facts still beg the question of who caused the events of that day to happen. Was the shooting caused by the assault with the baseball bat, and was that caused by the wrestling, and was that caused by the punching, and was that caused by the sticker, and was that caused by the disregarding of a "no parking" sign? Did Mr. Campbell's criminal record or the trace of drugs found in his blood at the autopsy play any role in the unfolding of events? Do guns kill? Do baseball bats? Richie did not wake up in the morning planning to shoot anyone. Nor does he deny that he did. Of course he regrets that a man lost his life. Every day of his dreary existence in the Eastern Correctional Facility, Richie regrets what happened that day. But in all honesty, it's impossible for him to regret his part in it, which was to save his father's life. Did Mrs. Pirro honestly believe that if the person swinging the metal bat at Richard's father had been a white man, he would not have shot him, but instead would have let him strike his father in the head? This tragedy was not about race, despite what a DA positioning herself for re-election contended. Unable to produce any evidence of racial bias, prosecutors switched their theory midway to a crime of revenge. But once issues are framed in terms of bias, it's not so simple to undo them. A defense lawyer said they had to go through some 140 jurors during jury selection because so many local citizens were tainted by the bias charges. Circumstances didn't help, as the trial got underway around the time of the Abner Louima incident. A man was not killed over a parking space, as some headline writers sensationalistically and blithely wrote. Mr. Campbell made a conscious decision to use deadly physical force, and Richie reacted with split-second timing, based on his law enforcement training, using deadly force against deadly force to protect his father from being killed. The New York State penal code sanctions police officers to use deadly force if they believe their life or the life of another is endangered. Now in his 10th year of incarceration, Richie will go to his grave believing he didn't face any good choices that day, because if he had acted differently there's a good chance he'd be free today to visit his father's grave. "What I truly believe is that the decision I made that day is the decision that saved my father's life," Richie has said. Shortly after that October afternoon, Richie told his mother, "I never could have picked Daddy up off that parking lot."

If you had been in Richie's place, and it had been your father, what split-second choices would you have made?

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The “Skinny” on Mrs. Pirro

As Mrs. Pirro attempts to re-invent herself she is frustrated by the truth. No longer seeking County-wide office in a county that she controlled by corruption and intimidation, where Cablevision and The Journal News were totally complicit in her self-promotion, she must now convince ‘major league media’ and voters across the state that she is someone other than who she really is. And, what’s worse her partners in crime, those who fixed her last two elections to the DA’s office, Andy Spano, Larry Schwartz, and most importantly Nick Spano, and their puppets, can’t help her now.

Because there is a God, left to her own devices, she has shown the entire state, in her ego-driven anemic race for US Senate, just how inept and personally unattractive as a candidate she truly is, when the fix is not in. As a result she now is attempting to sell the media, The Daily News, and the New York Post Editorial Boards the notion that firstly, she really can mount a competent statewide campaign, and secondly, that she is someone other than the self-promoting, tyrannical and criminal prosecutor the people of Westchester know her to be.

To accomplish that make-over she is struggling to portray herself in the mythical mode she can no longer get away with as a victim’s advocate and protector of children. Her apologist Mike Edelman speaks of trust and confidence in Mrs. Pirro, but people of New York State has neither trust nor confidence in her.

Here is the fundamental truth:

1) Pirro’s claim to be a victim’s advocate

Jing Kelly and her infant son Tristam, now 5, are still apart more than three years afterJeanine Pirro arranged for the child’s kidnapping.

2) Pirro takes pride in her internet sing operation, However:
a) of more than 100 cases over a six year period fewer than 10% did any serious jail time.

b) Most of her arrests resulted in public hangings on television and in the press, timed to cover-up and distract public attention from Al’s and her own misconduct.

c) The statute under which she conducted the operation lay on a shelf gathering dust for 33 months until her and Al’s joint tax fraud problem became public.

3) She waged a massive campaign supposedly against under-aged drinking

That effort mostly involved entrapment and unlawfully staged incidents with some 200 retailers and restaurants, was brought about immediately following the death of Robert Viscome, 17, at her neighbor's home, following which she failed to prosecute some 26 high school students including her own daughter, Christine, for their failure to summon medical help for their dying friend, instead cleaning up alcohol and drug use evidence.

Friday, February 17, 2006


While Justice Advocates of Westchester certainly wish Governor Pataki a speedy recovery following his appendectomy, we can’t help observing that the Hudson Valley Hospital Center, Peekskill, where he underwent emergency surgery and where he is recuperating, is the very same hospital ripped- off by Al Pirro, husband of Jeanine Pirro, together with Robert Boyle, Chairman of the hospitals Board of Directors, for than more than $600,000 between 1991 and 1993, as George Pataki himself, also sat on that board.

Just another case of “what goes around comes around?” Maybe. But, given the urgency of his appendix rupture, Pataki was fortunate that the hospital did not go under fifteen years ago when his “best friends and fundraisers,” as he used to refer to Pirro and Boyle, pulled off their scheme. Mrs. Pirro, who now wants to be our Attorney General benefited by $300,000 and covered-up the crime till the Statute of Limitations ran out. Interestingly, in 2001 Elliot Spitzer went after Boyle for his share, settling for $50,000, but made no effort to get Pirro.

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Imagine Mrs. Pirro, the unindicted co-conspirator in a massive ten year federal income tax fraud, declaring on Valentines Day, before The Editorial Board of the NEW YORK POST, “You give me fraud. I’ll go after it.”

Imagine this corrupt self-serving prosecutor who has been the beneficiary of, and cover for, Al Pirro’s unlawful and fraudulent activities, saying to THE POST, about her experience with fraud, “I know how to do it; I know where to find it.”

Damn right she does. The evidence is all over her “McMansion” in Harrison, in her garage, and in her bank account. Just ask the People of Peekskill, whose hospital her husband and his buddy Robert Boyle looted fifteen years ago. And, the beat goes on.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


It looks like Mrs. Pirro would like to be all things to all people. “Tell them whatever they want to hear” for the Conservative Party she boasts that she has three guns, .22 caliber pistol, a .38 caliber revolver and a 9-MM. mouser. One might say she is armed and dangerous.

She clearly cannot have it both ways. Gun control advocates, including Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who ran a fundraiser for her, and most right-thinking New Yorkers surely are not encouraged to learn of her personal arsenal. But, at this point Pirro is so desperate to get the Republican nomination, that she will say anything, do anything, to win over the “red necked” Conservatives, without whom the Republicans wouldn’t even consider her.

You see, when you are the kind of sick liar who knowingly and intentionally has sent innocent people to prison for a dozen years, you say whatever serves your purposes at the moment, like when she was asked in the summer of 2002 at a gathering in West Harrison if her daughter Christine was at the party at which Rob Viscome was punched and left to die on her neighbors patio, and she responded, “She wasn’t there when the assault happened.” Neither was John Porzio Jr., but they were both there shortly thereafter when no one called for medical assistance, as they cleaned up traces of alcohol and drug activity instead.

It’s easy for people like Bill O’Shaunessy to joke, “I bet she is a better shot than Dick Chaney.” But it was not his son who died on Pirro’s neighbor’s patio that day, as 26 teen-agers walked free, without so much as being made to do community service, because they would have ratted out the DA’s daughter.

No, Jeanine Pirro is no laughing matter, not as DA and certainly not as a candidate for State Attorney General.!

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Mrs. Pirro the time has come to pay the piper. You are all washed up, politically and professionally. You, and perhaps, Joe Bruno, are the only two people in the state who are not aware of your complete collapse.

Even Staten Island DA Dan Donovan decided not to put you out of your misery, preferring to let you go down to crushing defeat in the general election together with all of your corrupt Republican buddies. You will not be spared, no matter which Democrat you face. There will be no holds barred, and the ugly truth that nearly evicted you five years ago, and so much more scandal since will not only defeat you, but will utterly humiliate you and open the door to criminal investigation at both the state and federal level.

You know when the likes of Al D’Amato puts you down you have been seriously dissed! And, George Pataki, who once called your husband his “good friend and best fundraiser,” wants no part of you. Perhaps they realize what the real folks here in Westchester have known for sometime now. You, Mrs. Pirro, are about to discover most painfully, “what goes around, comes around.”

The pain you have inflicted upon family after family of your innocent prey is finally coming full circle, families with names like Viscome, Kelly, Nowicki, DiSimone, Stein, DiGuglielmo, Torres, Spruill, Days, and Holt, to name but a very few. They will not permit you to turn the justice system of New York State into the tyranny twelve years under your imperious regime turned Westchester into.

You will not get away with the crap you have gotten away with here in the “LITTLE LEAGUE” of Westchester politics. You will be made to debate. And, you will be held accountable for all of your lies and misdeeds. Get used to it!

In the days ahead be assured that JUSTICE ADVOCATES OF WESTCHESTER will meticulously air each and every act for which you must be held accountable, and for which you must not be allowed to infect the rest of New York State as Attorney General.

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Jeanine Pirro, FORMER Westchester County District Attorney, now in the race for New York State Attorney General...

If these commentaries are not enough, this is a must read to understand the force behind the machine....

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Mrs. Pirro in her interview with the New York Times reporter Patrick D. Healy was as divisive and untruthful as ever. To begin with, she made the decision to run for Attorney General because, despite her enormous ego, she couldn’t shine Hillary’s shoes. Her declaration “everything I have achieved I have achieved on hard work and results,” is one of those lies she repeats so often she believes it. She only tried “lock and load” cases as an assistant DA, and very few of those.

As far as the tax fraud she pretends not to have known about it went on from 1988 through 1997. She not only knew about it, she helped pull it off. SHE WAS THE UNINDICTED CO-CONSPIRATOR. In fact on June 22, 2000 the New York Times asked her publicly to account for her role as revealed in testimony at Al’s trial. She refused to answer their questions and continues to refuse even now.

As far as her boast that she stands on her own two feet. Yes, she stands guilty of conducting a twelve year reign of terror based on malicious prosecution of innocent persons, protection of her husband and his associates in Organized Crime, and the cruelest imaginable treatment of victims including the kidnapping of Jing Kelly’s baby son...

Mrs. Pirro is a pariah who has played out her hand.