We, the family and friends of innocent police officers and civilians who have been maliciously prosecuted and imprisioned by Jeanine Pirro, believe it is our moral obligation and responsibility to keep her from doing to the justice system and the Courts of New York State what she has done in Westchester County, New York. WE ARE DETERMINED TO STOPIRRO!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

She has:
  • Over-charged the Innocent
  • Over-played her hand politically
  • Over-done the plastic

Saturday, January 28, 2006

True Account of a Man that was the Perfect Prey
January 2006

The criminal justice system is designed to maintain fair and equal justice under the law, to protect the innocent and punish the guilty. The United States Constitution provides us with due process of the law, the protection against double jeopardy, self-incrimination, (Fifth Amendment) a right to counsel, and a trial by jury (Sixth and Seventh Amendment). We the people also maintain the right to protect ourselves and our families from the harm of others; the Second Amendment allows us the right to bear arms. When a crime has been alleged, the burden of proof lies with the prosecution. The defendant has the right to a fair trial and may use any means necessary, within the law, to prove innocence, and a jury may only find for a guilty conviction based on the evidence presented, beyond a reasonable doubt. However, the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office, for the past twelve years, has not upheld the rules of our Criminal Procedure Law. The former, Chief Law Enforcement Officer, Jeanine Ferris-Pirro abused her position of power with a total disregarded of ethics as an officer of the court and the laws that govern the state of New York. Mrs. Pirro will stop at nothing to obtain a conviction. She is consumed by her egotistical, selfish desires to remain in the spot light to create a mirage for the public, and advance her political self-serving career. There has been and continues to be issues raised regarding the integrity of Mrs. Pirro’s personal as well as professional life. Once you are in her sights there is no escape from her clutches. October 3, 1996, is when Mrs. Pirro’s sights focused on Mr. Richard D. DiGuglielmo, New York City Police Officer; her next prey.

The following depiction of events has been obtained from various police, court documents, and transcripts. An altercation ensued which resulted in a fatality, at the Venice Deli, mini-shopping mall, which is located on Ashford Avenue in Dobbs Ferry, Westchester County, New York. The Deli, building, and surrounding parking area is owned and operated by Mr.and Mrs. DiGuglielmo, parents of Richard D. DiGuglielmo, (here in after referred to as Richie) for the past twenty-five years. At the time of the incident, the building contained three separate businesses on the main level, one business on the upper level, and parking accommodations which consisted of eight parking spaces. With the limited number of spaces and multiple businesses in operation, in order to sustain the traffic flow for their customers, parking restriction signs were posted, [parking for patrons only] on their property. The procedure for failure to remove a vehicle upon request, [agreed upon by the village of Dobbs Ferry Police Department] a sticker could be placed on the window of the vehicle. This was to ensure available parking for the businesses that occupied the building. On October 3, 1996 at approximately 5:15 pm an individual (Charles Campbell) pulled into the parking area of the Venice Deli, the man driving the vehicle (black corvette) started to walk to the Pizza store across the street, he was then asked to move his vehicle. The man responded by saying he would be back to by a soda, and he was told to move the vehicle once again and ignored the request. When ignored the owner (Richie’s father) proceeded to affix a sticker to the window of the vehicle. Once inside the pizza store, Charles Campbell was apprised [by the pizza store owner] of the parking procedure. Charles Campbell then stated “if he puts a sticker on my car, I’ll kick his ass”. As he realized that a sticker was put on his window, Charles Campbell ran out of the store and across the street. He was so angered, while in motion, he immediately started to repetitively punch Richie in the face. Charles Campbell was so enraged, that Richie’s father and brother-in-law also became involved in the struggle. Witnesses attested to the fact that it looked like a wrestling match. After much of a struggle Charles Campbell said “that’s it” as he proceeded to walk away. Richie went back into the deli to tend to his wounds; thinking the argument was over and the man would drive away. Meanwhile, Charles Campbell proceeded to the back of his car went into the trunk and unrolled, from a blanket, a metal baseball bat and struck Richie’s father in the knee and then as Mr. DiGuglielmo protected his head with his arms, the bat struck again, and fractured his hand. Mr. DiGuglielmo was hit so hard a witness stated “you could hear the smack a block away.” Also, another witness stated “I thought he was going to smash his head open like a watermelon”. When Richie from inside the store saw his father being beaten with the bat, and feared that he would be killed, he then proceeded to take the registered firearm from underneath the counter and ran outside to the aide of his father. As Campbell was to swing again Richie fired three shots killing Charles Campbell. A police officer by occupation, the unconditional love of a son for his father, and fear that his life would be taken by a violent mans rage over a materialistic possession. In split second, with no other options to control this man, he was forced to take the life of Charles Campbell. Charles Campbell’s behavior was so irrational and out of control, he could not be subdued. Charles Campbell continued to escalate the violence throughout the entire incident and crossed the line when he made the conscious decision to use deadly physical force; Richard D. DiGuglielmo did what he was trained to do. Nevertheless, he was arrested and charged with Intentional Murder, Depraved Murder, and assault; along with his father and brother-in-law who were both charged with assault.

Jeanine Pirro, saw this as a golden opportunity to cause a diversion to the improprieties of her husbands personal and professional behavior. Also, this was an election year and Jeanine Pirro was running against Joanne Naughton; Jeanine Pirro was in “need” to increase her popularity and gain the support of the black community. She was in fear of losing the “power seat”. At this time is when she dug in her claws. She summonsed her friend Rev. Al Sharpton and began turning the incident into a biased, racial, hate crime. False information was plastered all over television and newspapers. Pirro’s devious implications planted the seed in the public’s mind that Charles Campbell was shot because he was a black man. There were protests conducted outside of the Venice Deli for fifty-two weeks following the shooting, all arranged by Pirro and Rev. Al Sharpton. Richie’s parents were continuously harassed and threatened by individuals brainwashed that they were racists. These acts were intentionally created to set the stage for, “trial by media,” a guaranteed conviction. With the public spot light focused on racial issues that Pirro affixed in the public’s mind, a fair trial was impossible. There was not one person in Westchester County that did not hear about the shooting as depicted by Jeanine Pirro.
As the case proceeded to trial many inconsistencies began to develop. Witnesses’ statements were changing, some days, weeks, and even a year after the incident. When the trial began and witnesses testified, the only statements that showed consistency were the testimony of Richie and the Medical examiner. The Assistant District Attorney, Patricia Murphy, was permitted to guide the witnesses through their testimony, which enabled her to twist the events to convince jurors that Charles Campbell was not in swinging motion when he was shot and that he was too far away from Richie’s father to strike him again. Yet, she herself stood in a batters stance at one point to demonstrate Charles Campbell’s position. To ensure the master plan was being executed, Jeanine Pirro kept the pressure looming in the court room with her frequent visits walking in and around the court room during the trial (noted in the transcripts) and sitting with the victim’s family and the numerous members of the black community, who chose to believe the fantasy created by Pirro and Sharpton instead of the reality [Charles Campbell refused to remove his vehicle from private property and escalated the situation to aggressive violence with the use of deadly force; not the color of his skin. It was Charles Campbell who believed he was above the law.] After all testimony was heard and closing arguments began, Ms. Murphy, did not follow court procedure by adding statements in her closing arguments, i.e. that are not previously contained in the charges. [She stated to the jury “this was a case of depravity due to the fact there were children present,” the depravity as charged in the Bill of Particulars was toward Charles Campbell not children in the area.] It was then time for the presiding Judge, Judge Levitt, to read instructions of law to the members of the jury, hence, another lapse in judicial procedure, the definition of law was not correctly presented to the jury by omitting paragraphs of the definition of justification/self-defense. Thereby, resulting in an unconceivable verdict, Richard D. Diguglielmo was acquitted of Intentional Murder and Assault, yet was convicted of the depraved murder of Charles Campbell. [Richie’s father and brother-in-law were also acquitted of assault.] This was an obvious result of the misinterpretation and lack of understanding of the law. It was Judge Levitt’s judicial obligation to overturn the jury’s verdict. Due to the immense political pressure, this was truly a kangaroo court.

A few things Jeanine Pirro never wanted anyone to know…

  • The New York City Police Department was barred from this investigation by Jeanine Pirro.
  • Charles Campbell had an extensive criminal record, inclusive of assault and drug charges
  • The criminal record was never allowed into evidence
  • Jeanine Pirro gave Charles Campbell’s family money during the trial
  • There was a steak knife behind the seat of Charles Campbell’s black corvette
  • Charles Campbell was not shot in the back as portrayed on television and in newspapers
  • There were traces of drugs found in the blood of Charles Campbell, reported in the autopsy report

The loss of life is always a tragedy, especially for the families and friends of their loved ones. With all due respect to the friends and family of Charles Campbell, in their hearts and minds they know the real Charles Campbell. Richard D. DiGuglielmo received a sentence of twenty-years to life. [The minimum sentence for this crime is fifteen years] This renders no justice. He is a man that took an oath as a New York City Police Officer that he proudly represented for over a decade, to serve and protect. As well as being a devoted son protecting the life of his father, he had a duty as a police officer. If this trial was truly due process of the law, this case would have resulted in a justified shooting, an act of self-defense. [Deadly physical force justifies deadly physical force] and if the jury had a clear understanding of the law and the concept of beyond a reasonable doubt, as any reasonable prudent person would have acted, clearly they would have found innocence.

Richard D. DiGuglielmo is highly respected by his numerous life-long friends as well as members of the NYC police force. He has and continues to touch every life he encounters with his genuine kindness and amazing spirit.

One must ponder, how far our criminal justice system has drifted from the true meaning of justice, the power of our constitution; life, liberty and justice for all.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


As one political observer astutely put it, Jeannine Pirro is now in her death throws, politically. Richard Brodsky’s announcement of endorsement by all of the police PBA’s in Westchester County is further convincing evidence that Mrs. Pirro’s base has completely disintegrated.

How different it would be if she was still DA of Westchester. The truth is all of those same “cop cowards” would be lined up supporting her out of unadulterated fear, as they did election after election.

But her gig is up. Her blood is in the water, and her political demise is just the beginning of her ugly end.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


1) She believes she is above the law.
2) She has been the beneficiary of millions in ill-gotten funds.
3) She is no victim’s advocate.
4) She participated, “hands-on” in a ten year tax fraud.
5) She is guilty of extreme Prosecutorial Misconduct and Abuse of Process.
6) She is the spouse of a crooked, ex-convict lobbyist.
7) She is not a public servant, but a self-servant.
8) She has too many ties to the Mob.
9) She tried to use CAPITAL PUNISHMENT for political gain.
10) She is an “empty suit,” no substance without a script.

Pirro’s campaign for Attorney General was over before it began.

Jeannine Pirro is once again on the ropes. She cannot raise money. Nobody wants to back her following her Senate fiasco.

Republican muckies are fleeing her campaign like rats from a sinking ship; George Pataki, Al D’Amato, etc. Staten Island Republican DA Daniel Donovan Jr. smells her blood in the water and is coming out for the Republican nomination.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

THE JOURNAL NEWS HEADLINE DECLARES “Pirro Leaves Legacy of Victim’s Rights”

One could never prove that by Jing Kelly, still struggling to regain custody of her five year old son Tristram, who Jeannine Pirro helped kidnap three years ago. STOPIRRO remains determined to prevent Mrs. Pirro from doing to the justice system of New York State what she has done to the justice system of Westchester.

Please refer to our August 2005 archives: Jing Kelly said, by the committee for justice for Jing and Tristram Kelly.