We, the family and friends of innocent police officers and civilians who have been maliciously prosecuted and imprisioned by Jeanine Pirro, believe it is our moral obligation and responsibility to keep her from doing to the justice system and the Courts of New York State what she has done in Westchester County, New York. WE ARE DETERMINED TO STOPIRRO!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Presenting the Demopublicans...........
Joe Bruno today make a proclaimation, if Jeanine Pirro ran for Attorney General she would receive full support of the Republican Party. (In reality the meaning...she is making a fool out of herself running against Hillary Clinton; and they can't have that, now can they?)
In the media display today, on the one and only, Spanovision they all came out of the shadows, in their usual brown-nosing fashion, to support Joe Bruno in his efforts to keep the political corruption wheel in motion. It was not surprising what everyone had to say....
Papa Smurf Spano stated, that he will stay active in politics, behind the scenes; did we think it would be any different? or was he making a confession, such as Chris Colombo on his HBO debut on Thanksgiving night. (See all criminals find their way on television these days.)
Andy Spano, distributed an award to Papa Smurf Spano for his years of "honest" service to the people of Westchester. Years of service to whom, we can only imagine....It seems to be the Spano clan has embedded themselves into New York politics for life time terms. What are Andy's expectations of Tim Idoni?
Janet DiFiore, the new District Attorney was also present. When she looks at Jeanine Pirro, her nauseated expression shows how we all feel. Her facial expression certainly dose not rate Mrs. Pirro as an A+.............
Lou Mosiello said that once people get to know the "real Jeanine, the numbers will go up" heaven help the people that get to know the real Jeanine Pirro..........
And then there is Nick, he stated that "Jeanine Pirro is the best prosecutor in the Nation" What a splendid performance in appreciation of his get get out of jail free card.
However, Mrs. Pirro thanked Joe Bruno for his complements, but is a US Senate Candidate.....we will wait and see what happens with Mrs. Pirro and her dubious political career.
It appears to be that Mrs. Pirro continues to be up to her politics as usual .........the same way she has manipulated convictions in the District Attorney's Office, she maintains the same strategy within our governmental structure.


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