We, the family and friends of innocent police officers and civilians who have been maliciously prosecuted and imprisioned by Jeanine Pirro, believe it is our moral obligation and responsibility to keep her from doing to the justice system and the Courts of New York State what she has done in Westchester County, New York. WE ARE DETERMINED TO STOPIRRO!!!!!!!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Stopirro Reveals,The Information Pirro Withheld in The Steve Nowicki Case

Many people will recall waking up on a cold January morning in 1999 to the horrifying news that a Dobbs Ferry teacher had sexually molested one of his students and his younger brother. The teacher Steven Nowicki had been invited by the mother of the boys to attend a New Years Eve party. Mr Nowicki’s girlfriend had to be elsewhere so she did no accompany him. He proceeded to drink too much and was invited to stay over.

The following morning the boys family made the disgusting accusation that Steve had climbed into bunk beds and licked both boy’s .( How Steve who is 6’3 and 225 lb could climb into a top bunk bed and not go through the ceiling is a mystery). Despite his claims of innocence he was arrested.

Jeanine Pirro couldn’t wait to strut herself in front of the TV cameras for this one. After all she has made a career out of prosecuting sex crimes. In mid January 1999 she proudly announced she had DNA evidence proving that Steve committed the crime , She declared an evidence swab taken from older boy’s genital area had Steve’s saliva on it, She must have magical powers because no blood was drawn from Steve until APRIL1999.and testing was not done until then ,so how could she have the results 3 MONTHS EARLIER.

After Steve’s arrest prosecutor Elizabeth Cronin swore to JUDGE Mary H Smith that Steve had a clouded past, including being fired from a previous teaching job for inappropriate conduct with children . Ms Cronin also promised that more “victims” were coming forward with molestation claims. When the smoke cleared it was proven that Steve’s contract had simply run out. He was not fired. In addition interviews with over 3500 children and parents Steve had taught and coached over the years, yielded no such allegations at all. In fact several of those families offered to assist in Steve’s defense. One student- turned- adult offered to donate $75,000 to the cause. These heartfelt gestures speak volumes about Steve’s career. But Jeanine Pirro didn’t want to hear the truth. She thrives on lies and deceit.

Steve had a jury trial in SEPT. OF 2000, where Ms Pirro brought in 11 so called witnesses to swear that Steve was not drinking at the New Years Eve party. Prosecutor Linsky painted a twisted picture of a cunning and sinister man who faked being drunk in order to induce the boy’s parents to ask him to spend the night so he could carry out his plot to molest the children while their slept in bedrooms just feet away. As ridiculous as it sounds Mrs. Pirro swore this was fact. (Not surprisingly, when suing Steve’s employer, the family testified was indeed drinking and drunk at the party).Legally that allowed the family to claim that they were looking out for Steve’s safety by having him spend the night at their home. Their lawsuit against the school district failed in 2003, as an appeals court saw through their bogus claims.

Prosecutor Lisa Linsky paraded the two boys in front of the jury. One would have expected a tear-jerking testimonial of a brutal sexual assault , but the boys coldly and calmly told their stories on the witness stand in a matter-of-fact manner. In the end they told roughly four different stories of how they had been molested which raised serious questions as to what if anything had actually happened. Courtroom observers will recall the day Mrs. Pirro came into the courtroom and mouthed words to the boys during their testimony.

Mrs Pirro then had forensic experts explain to the court why no hair, trace, or fiber evidence had been found on the boys, bodies, bedding, or clothing. She had another expert explain why no evidence was found on fingernail scrapings. She had another expert explain why there was none of Steve’s saliva was found on over two dozen swabs taken from both boys. Yet another expert was brought into explain to the jury why 5 fingerprints found on the bunk bed railing were NOT Steves. But it was never revealed whose fingerprints they were.

Mrs. Pirro also had Dobbs Ferry police officials testify that Steve had admitted that it was ‘absolutely possible’ that he had touched the boys. Steve testified that he told police it was ‘absolutely impossible’ that he had touched the boys. (decide for yourself which statement makes sense) Anyway .it was ultimately uncovered that some of the policeman were intimate friends of the accusing family, in fact one was Godfather of one of the boys. Chief George Longworth was also a close friend of the father of the boys.

Many court observers watched in disgust as DETECTIVE ellman lied through his teeth on the witness stand, then winked at him.Mrs. Pirro and her gang members ‘silenced’ these court observers before they could tell the judge, but the sinister ‘wink’ from Ellman tells it all. The whole case is a hoax.

Steve testified on his own behalf, proclaiming his innocence as prosecutor Linsky viciously attempted to attack his credibility. Steve steadfastly denied the allegations. It was also interesting that the mother had a romantic interest in Steve and when he told her he had a girlfriend she became enraged. ‘‘HELL HATH NO FURY LIKE A WOMAN SCORNED’’

In the end, all of these facts paled in comparison to the drama of the DNA evidence. Mrs. Pirro hired some DNA experts from Seattle Washington to testify about the DNA test results. Indeed they told the jury that their DNA testing of the evidence swab taken from the older boys genital area was a perfect match with Steve’s DNA

They testified that their was no ambiguity with their test results and it was 55.9 million-to-one certainty. No lab reports were ever shown to the jury and Steve was convicted solely on the words of Pirro’s experts.

It would eventually come to light that even with the DNA evidence, at one point the jury voted 9-3 in favor of acquittal. This was not a surprise, as Mrs, Pirrohad prosecuted a case that made no sense at all, and was fraught with implausible and bizarre claims, However after 4 days Steve was convicted and sentenced to 16 years. Thankfully as with any other evil lie the truth eventually comes out.

During a post-conviction investigation, the lab reports from the DNA test were uncovered. In what amounts to a case of forensic fraud, it turns out Mrs. Pirro’s experts lied about their results. Only Mrs, Pirro could pull off such a stunt. After jumping the gun and running to the media with her scientific “proof” in Jan. 1999, she was in no position to retract her statement when she learned in April that the DNA tests were , in fact useless. That would mean she would have to admit she was wrong. unthinkable for a smug, self-centered egomaniacal, arrogant glutton. She painted herself into a corner, and the only way to get out was to have her ‘experts’ lie for her and that’s exactly what she did.

First of all, we have learned that the evidence swab was never tested for the presence of saliva, although Mrs, Pirro had each and every one of the 20-odd body swabs so tested. This evidence only had epithelial cells on it. The most abundant source of epithelial cells in the body is skin , and literally thousand of dead skin flakes are falling off of you as you read this.

Second, the DNA reports reveal the test results was actually inconclusive. That is, the test did not reveal a useful result. Although the trial judge and jury never knew it, there is actually female DNA on the evidence swab. Since there are no females involved in the allegations, Mrs. Pirro would have a tough time explaining this.

The DNA lab reports also reveal the unexplained presence of three DNA genetic markers which do not match Steve or the boy. Thus the DNA test did not yield a “match” at all, although Mrs. Pirro experts testified it was a perfect match. Not surprisingly, Mrs. Pirro had her DNA experts destroy this critical evidence swab, making it impossible to conduct an independent test Mrs. Pirro covers her tracks well.

One can only speculate as to why the DNA test result is uncertain. Testing problems such as, contamination, or some other scientific anomalies may be at the heart of the inconclusive result. What is clear is that at worst, some dead flakes of skin were found on the boy. It is unclear weather or not the skin flakes belong to Steve. It actually doesn’t even matter. Flakes of dead skin are not evidence of oral sodomy or sexual abuse.

Nothing can explain why Mrs, Pirro’s DNA experts walked into a court of law with Steve’s life a t stake and lied about their scientific findings. There is no doubt that both Mrs. Pirro and prosecutor Lisa Linsky spent hours preparing these DNA experts for their trial testimony. It would be extremely naïve to think they were not involved in this fraud. To add insult to injury , some deviant prosecutor named Ms. Murphy begged the judge to sentence Steve to 100 years in prison for a crime she knew did not occur.

It did not take much for the prosecution to create the illusion that

‘saliva” had been found on the evidence swab, even though there was none. Because this is what Mrs. Pirro does, she defrauds people. She does not steal money or property, but she robs people of their dignity, their lives, and the lives of their families. She destroys people’s lives,

To date Mrs Pirro has gotten away with falsifying the scientific evidence at .Steve’s trial. In what must have been a glorious dayfor her, she managed to garner yet another conviction of an innocent man. Lacking any conscience, she continues to insist justice was served. Making matters worse, she has a couple of goons in her office who continue to fight Steve’s efforts to exonerate himself, although they know very well there was never any crime.

Court records show on March 23, 2005 Steve filed legal papers with the Westchester County Court, outlining the facts of the forensic fraud perpetrated by Mrs. Pirro and her DNA experts. Steve at this time continues to languish in prison.

Jeanine Pirro is a monster. In Steve’s case alone she has terrorized thousands of families and children Steve taught and coached over 11 years. These poor people were horribly terrorized when they were told their beloved teacher and coach was a child molester. Even if Steve is exonerated tomorrow, nothing can undo the damage that has been done to his family, friends and thousands of children and their families.

Steve’s family has been destroyed. They live in fear and terror every day. It never gets easier. All of their life spirit has been out by a heartless egomaniac masquerading as an agent of the justice system.

Jeanine Pirro has the audacity to now ask the citizenry to support her efforts to advance her political career. Her legacy is yanking an innocent teacher out of his classroom and locking him up.

She slithered into our living rooms on the evening news and had scores of people calling for Steve to be hung in the village square. She aroused feelings in all of us of outrage and hate. We now ask you to call up those feelings once again. Get as angry as you did when you thought Steve could hurt a child. Summon up the rage you felt at Steve when Mrs. Pirro told you he was a sexual predator. And now make sure you redirect all that anger towards the root of all evil in Westchester County “Jeanine Pirro”. We can all forgive ourselves for misjudging Steve and not believing him all those years ago. Now we know the truth. Can you forgive us Steve?

Read all the stories on this site, all the other horror stories. Steve and his family are not the only ones...To all of you who have been victimized by this sick demon, our prayers are with you.

The time has come TO STOP PIRRO before more innocent victims are sent to prison for crimes they did not commit.

Out of fear of reprisal from Jeanine Pirro and her gang of monsters we must regrettably sign off as………………



Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The same political connections that let James Surdoval receive only five years probation,for over 50 felony counts of sodomy and molestation charges; and are now trying to convict Robert DeRosario so they can hide the real killer of Orlandito (to protect thier own);and all the members of Pirro's "sex sting" that only received probation as well, are the same political connections that have placed Steven Nowicki in Jail...

Pirro brags about her convictions. What the public do not know is that none of these pedophiles have spent one night in jail. They are left to the streets among our children.

When will someone look into all of Pirro's dirty deals and right her wrongs. There are many innocent people sitting in jails and many violent criminals on the streets.

The records should be seized by the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Jeannine Pirro has destroyed too many lives. Her and her husband are the ones that should be behind bars.

12:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

all I can say is this is a damn shame that this man is behind bars and her political friendS like James Surdoval is free. And she calls this justice?



1:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is some advice to the people involved with this site...

Tell everyone that you know to get out and vote this Nov.8th It is the only way to start making the changes we need. If you want to bring justice to all the people that have been victims of Pirro's wrath, then you must unite and take a stand. Do not vote for any member of Jeannie Pirro or Nick Spano's Republican clan. We need to take back our District Attorneys Office so that Public Saftey is a priority not personal agenda.
We all can make a difference for all of these people. Let's get the real criminals behind bars and free the innocent.

6:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope and pray that some of PIRROS
high profile cases are looked into
further it is a travesty of our justice system the way that certain convictions were needs to look into these various cases of overzealous prosecutions this is the only county with so much contoversy tied to one administration.very sad

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