We, the family and friends of innocent police officers and civilians who have been maliciously prosecuted and imprisioned by Jeanine Pirro, believe it is our moral obligation and responsibility to keep her from doing to the justice system and the Courts of New York State what she has done in Westchester County, New York. WE ARE DETERMINED TO STOPIRRO!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Jessica Hutchison said:

I do apologize for the length of this submission. Believe it or not, it is hugely, hugely abbreviated.

It was some years ago when I first discovered that Jeanine Pirro’s dedication to victimized women (if in fact it exists at all) is at best selective. Until 1996, when my daughter was 13 and her husband and I had been in Court concerning the support of our child for over a year, I had thought her husband was alone at the helm of my undoing. Believe it or not, at the time, I was one of her admirers. Ludicrous as it must sound, I told myself that she, also, had been duped by her husband and in that sense alone, felt a sort of perverse kinship.

In January, 1996, I discovered how incredibly wrong I had been. In 1992, I asked her husband for help for a medical procedure for our daughter. It was the first time I had asked for anything. Days later, my then husband announced that private investigators had been around his workplace and co-workers asking lots of questions about me. I did not yet grasp the whole picture; but an attorney I had tried to hire gave me the name of the Pirros’ local counsel who had been on retainer since I moved to Indiana in 1987.

Not long after the call I placed to this attorney, I was arrested on a warrant which had been dismissed by a Florida Court in 1987. A Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus was granted, an Order issued and a hearing was set; but when extradition officers arrived to remove me to Florida prior to the hearing, it was a Saturday (when the Clerk’s office could not be contacted) and my ‘jail file’ had not only been emptied, but also had been marked ‘escape risk’. Certified documents are available in support. All documents in support of these statements (and more) were provided to the FBI in 1999. I will offer here and now to post any documents for public view; and answer any question.

In 1996, following many more similar events designed to keep me from interfering, I phoned Jeanine Pirro’s office. My call was returned by Dennis Glaser (as I understand it, married to Janet DiFiore). I pleaded with Mr. Glaser who told me that there might be a ‘settlement’ arrangement and that the situation was not "healthy" for anyone. I told him that I would sign anything they wished for me to sign. I wanted only for the criminal record they created to be removed and to be returned to my children. I cared about nothing else. Awhile later, Mr. Glaser contacted me again saying only that once these things get started, they take on a life of their own. In other words, no.

Jeanine Pirro’s representative said that.

There’s so much more.

From that moment forward, it has been my burden to share this story with everyone with whom I come into contact; or risk the surprise discovery by others of the information and uncomfortable questions. My children, both of them, have suffered immeasurably.

I never asked Al Pirro to do anything but support his child lawfully.

At the same time Al was indicted, I was diagnosed with cancer. I underwent nine months of extensive, debilitating chemotherapy. I attended every hearing concerning the support of my child.

There is a difference between being a ‘victim’ and being ‘victimized’. I stopped being a victim when I started to fight back and have been fighting in one forum or another ever since.

Something is wrong with our world. When people who perceive themselves as powerful misbehave, we have a duty to stand up and hold them accountable. Otherwise, shut up, sit down, and don’t complain because you’ve given your voice, your freedom and your vote away. It isn’t easy by a long shot, and I most certainly would not have picked it. But until New York voters (and others) begin to give a damn that the ‘spin’ of the week doesn’t even remotely resemble the reality, it doesn’t change.

Women’s advocate? Standing up as a comrade for women who have been abused? If she's the best New York has got, women are in trouble.

Like charity, honesty begins at home


Anonymous Jessica Hutchison said...

This post is in response to the previous question requesting that I expound on my conversations with Mr. Glazer.

As I said before,it was January 1996,and I had been in a halfway house for almost two months. I had not seen my six year old sonv nor my daughter (who was about to turn 13) since November 2nd. I did not commit the crime (making a false statement on a bank loan application) which had placed me on probation. That's another story. Remember, I have been dealing with the Pirros for over 20 years.

I was placed on probation beginning January,1994 which had been fairly unremarkable until March, 1995 when I filed the paternity matter. My assigned probation officer stated, "I get phone calls from the most interesting people about you."

Private investigators had begun parking across from my house; or at least I had begun to notice them. A document which had unmistakably been on the mantle over my fireplace (which thankfully can be proved) ended up as an exhibit to Pirro's Motion to Dismiss the action. Numerous other events took place which I would be happy to list, but the point is, ultimately in August, 1995, the probation officer, asking "...why should I believe you before I would believe them...why should someone like Mr. Pirro have anything to do with you" filed an Affidavit to violate my
probation. It did not allege the commission of any crime, but rather it indicated I did not follow her rules.

Five months after I filed the paternity matter- attending Court in that action while raising two children alone and maintaining full time work - my probation was revoked and I was sentenced to 4 months in a halfway house to commence November 2, 1995.

When I surrendered myself and entered the facility, I had been slated to participate in the work release program and keep my job.

I had an Affidavit on file from my employer commending my work and stating in particular that my probation officer had attempted to convince them to fire me.

I stayed in constant contact with my daughter (in another location), but I could not speak with my son.

Within one week - without my knowledge as I had been in the halfway facility - 'visitors' to my employer's office managed to persuade the office manager, Karen Brown, to falsify receipts for cash and blame the disappearance of funds on me. I will leave it to each of you to decide who might have the motivation but at this time, I can prove it clearly. Of course, this is very reason for the term 'halfway'. If you are accused... just accused ...of something at that point, the bus arrives from federal questions.

When Karen Brown accused me of stealing funds, I was picked up immediately from the halfway house and delivered to County Jail without explanation. It was mid-November. (I had filed a petition with the family court judge to visit my son who - based on all of the above - was being withheld from me. The hearing on visitation was held without me...and because I did not, could not appear, and visitation terminated by Patrick L.McCarty until further Order of the Court. Judge McCarty would later become a judge assigned to hear the paternity matter).

The original judge in the paternity matter, John Price, dismissed the action entirely in September, 2005. An appeal was filed in our behalf by the Office of Child Support Enforcement.

By God's breath alone, Ms. Brown faxed copies of the receipts I was meant to have written for which the cash was missing. The facsimile transmission exposed the alterations made to the receipts themselves which had been made by Ms. Brown in order to frame
me for something. Friends of mine located pages in her trash where she had practiced my signature.

I wished to bring charges against Ms. Brown for forgery. She was never charged.

In the face of those events (and extensive proof), there was no available avenue but to return me to the halfway house. The jail complained that they were short of staff...and I was not returned until December 18, 2005; approximately six weeks after the accusation. I feared for my life every minute...both in and out of jail and the halfway house. My children were safer without me.

It's difficult to avoid going into more of the story; and I do this much only in an effort to show you the level of anxiety (over a period of time- this part was over four years) which would lead to the fragile state I was in when I spoke with Dennis Glazer.

My daughter was about to turn 13. I wanted to appeal to Jeanine Pirro - as a woman, mother- and sign anything in exchange for being back with my children;and an elaborately fabricated criminal record cleared. The call was placed to her office,and I believe
it was David Hebert who took the original call. I did not believe that she could BE a DA, a women's advocate and also know all that 'her husband'(alone, I thought) was doing to us.

That call was returned by Dennis Glazer who informed me that he was speaking for both of the Pirros. When I first spoke with Mr. Glazer, he told me that I had lost our appeal. Not on the issues, but due to a failure of the OCSE to timely file the petition.

The call was short;and an immediate call to the OCSE confirmed that his facts were wrong. We won the appeal.

(The law in Indiana states that DNA testing shall [SHALL] be ordered upon the motion of any party, nearly verbatim. This judge either thought differently, or simply acted differently in this matter. Following my complaint to the judiciary that he had failed to uphold the law, he recused. Shortly afterward, he retired. Al's Indiana lawyer actually took the matter to the Indiana Supreme
Court, who ultimately issued an opinion to order DNA testing immediately...but they had successfully wasted three years.)

Once Mr. Glazer discovered that the appeal was ongoing; "settlement" negotiations resumed. Half a dozen or more certified/authenticated copies of the transcript, etc. of these conversations exist. Some of them are in places selected by others and unknown to me. None of them are with me. One of them was provided to the FBI during their 1998 investigation of Al.

I recall asking Mr. Glazer if he knew what it was like being followed and harassed by eleven private investigators. He tried to calm me because I definitely was not; then, he tried to get me to give him "a number", an amount of money which would be accepted in settlement of this 'dispute'. I told him that I had never asked for anything but lawful support for my, no OUR child.

I told him of the horrors which had been going on for (at that point) thirteen years. I told him that Mike Chaney (a private investigator from Indianapolis hired by the Pirros) had offered my ex-husband money to adopt my daughter - once they had me in
custody on a false warrant in 1992. (Later, the FBI were told that as well; Chaney was called as a government witness in Al's tax
evasion trial). I pleaded with Mr. Glazer to make them stop.

He said that the situation was "not healthy for anyone"...and asked for "a number". I told him that the Pirros had framed me before for things I had not done; and that I was afraid of being accused of extortion. I wanted the Pirros to offer "settlement"
and I was taping the conversation for my own protection; and that he should do the same. I told him that I wanted the criminal record that they created to go away so that my children would not be harmed; so that I could continue to study the law with some
hope of practicing it in the future; so that I could earn a living.

Mr. Glazer promised me that no accusations of extortion would result from any conversations with him (although the word 'extortion' has very often been used by Al and his lawyers - even in federal court - in the intervening years. He told me -
even after I described all that had been done to us - that he thought it very unlikely I could tell Jeanine Pirro anything she did not already know.

We ended that call with Mr. Glazer's promise that he would speak to them about our conversation and contact me again. When he did so, he stated "...once these things get started, they sort of take on a life of their own...".

Those conversations ended without resolution. A short time later in 1998, the New York Times printed an article entitled "New York Power Couple Under Seige" within which its author wrote, "Al shrugs off the paternity suit as an extortion scheme by an unstable woman...". I wrote to Mr. Glazer reminding him of his promise that I would not be accused. He did not respond.

In June, 1998, DNA testing proved Al Pirro's paternity by a measure of 99.888%.

2:44 PM  
Anonymous Jessica Hutchison said...

Part of the beauty of this site is that it's an opportunity for anyone who has been harmed by the Pirros - in any manner and for any 'reason' - to speak out TOGETHER.

Part of the mechanism they relied upon in our case was created by the distance, that is: in New York, who really cares about a case in Indiana?

Answer? Not enough people; and not enough press. The lies that were told in the press in New York - where both Jeanine and Al are permitted to have an unchecked field day by most - were unbelievable.

In this forum, perhaps the recipients of the harm begin to see the value and the strength of joining truth.

2:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, your information will prove to be very helpful.

I agree there strength in numbers. Glad to be your cyber buddy :)

There are better days ahead for all of us!

12:34 PM  
Anonymous Jessica Hutchison said...

Yes, likewise! :-)

I'm sure by now everyone's read the recent press concerning my (our) daughter...and her so-called 'statement'. Believe me, her family and friends are horrified. These people will stop at nothing. Nothing is too low.

12:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Know that too well...

8:08 PM  
Anonymous Jessica Hutchison said...


Following a New York Post article, AP published an article on August 22 entitled, "Pataki Calls for Federal Probe on Tapes". AP quotes Pataki spokesman David Catalfamo as having said, "Taping anyone’s private conversations without proper consent is illegal."

Further into this article, former Pataki appointments secretary Thomas Doherty - now a lobbyist/consultant - is quoted as saying, "I think any American would be appalled if their private conversations were recorded without their knowledge." Later, Governor Pataki said, "Someone committed a crime, a crime under federal law and a crime under state law, and I think it should be investigated."

Yes, I am appalled that private conversations can be recorded without a person knowing they are being taped. Yes, I think taping private conversations without proper consent should be investigated.

In a news article, published on May 16, 2000 entitled, ‘2 prospective jurors excused from panel’ (by Bruce Golding of the The New York Journal News reporting on Al Pirro's Tax Trial) Assistant U.S. Attorney Cathy Seibel is quoted as saying that, "prosecutors were not seeking to introduce other evidence from the case, including about how Albert Pirro tape-recorded his former lover."

I read that article when I lived in the UK and immediately contacted the New York US Attorney; Attorney General Elliot Spitzer and later Judge Parker’s staff. Despite a demand that Al Pirro’s (further) reprehensible behavior be investigated, nothing ever happened. As a citizen, I would like to have the same ‘protections’ that Governor Pataki appears to now readily claim as his own.

Years on, the same questions of why no investigation - by any of the above - was instigated still concerns me and one can only speculate who ‘helped’ Al Pirro to illegally record my phone conversations.

On July 6 2000, The Journal News carried a story entitled, ‘D.A. investigator details work done for boss’s husband’ in which it was stated, "The husband of Westchester District Attorney Jeanine Pirro hired an investigator from her office to check for wiretaps on behalf of a client". That investigator hired another investigator, also from the District Attorney’s Office, to do Al Pirro’s bidding.

I speculate and Governor Pataki calls for investigations. Let’s broaden those investigations. I agree with Governor Pataki when he said, "Someone committed a crime, a crime under federal law and a crime under state law, and I think it should be investigated." Why am I left thinking that there is no 14th Amendment protection for me in a similar situation to Governor Pataki? Why am I left thinking there are ‘people’ for whom upholding the law is the last thing they’ll do? Why, when it concerns one of Governor Pataki’s close personal friends, the investigation never happens?

10:38 PM  
Anonymous Michael F. said...

Ms. Hutchison:

I’m puzzled with something reading various (older) newspaper reports, but especially this latest flurry with your daughter, Jacqueline. Al Pirro stated that he’d been supporting his daughter continuously. Was he eventually ordered to pay the correct child-support - if so, when? And (despite your post here on Mr. Glazer) how does Jeanine Pirro figure in this?

Michael F.

8:17 PM  

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